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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How I named my Company

You may have noticed the name of my company is rather unusual. The correct way to say it is "apples" with a "bra" in front. The name really doesn't mean anything and that was the point. I wanted something catchy and simple; that would coordinate with the logo I had in mind. I sort of did things backwards; I could envision the logo I wanted but I didn't have a company name yet. I knew that this was initially going to be a company that would be marketed on-line; so in order to get a domain and trademark, it is easier to have a made up name.

So why Brapples? Well, I tossed around a lot of names, and actually had settled on one name initially that my trademark lawyer hated...."Sisterstraps". Looking back, he was so right. But at the time I thought it was sort of cool. Whenever you think of a company name, the first thing you should do is google it and see what comes up. The name "sisterstraps" exposed me to a world of new accessories I never knew existed - and I don't mean the kind that you wear out to lunch with the girls, more of an item you might wear during an afternoon delight. So it was back to the name game for me. Then one night I had a dream. I was dreaming of the movie "Good Will Hunting" and specifically the scene you see on the post here. In my dream my husband and I are walking by the bar and Will, played by Matt Damon, is doing exactly what you see in the picture. And for those who didn't see the movie he is saying "hey, you like apples?...Check out them apples". My husband is beside me and is checking out a girl who is wearing my beaded bra straps and says "hey, you like Brapples?....Check out them Brapples". Perhaps, looking back, his version of Brapples wasn't the same as mine but I woke instantly, noticed it was 3:00 a.m, and shook my husband awake and said "I got it". He said, "got what?" "I got the name for my company...Brapples". He was like, that's nice honey...go back to sleep. Of course I got up, and immediately googled the name. Thankfully no crazy images, and no products existed with the name. YEAH! Sadly the same wasn't true for the initial name of my patent-pending faux fur scarf Fur Babyz. It was initially called the "Fur Daddy...every girl needs one!" I ordered hundreds of product tags. Try googling that one, I dare you. But do it after you eat your lunch.

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