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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My daughter's bra straps keep showing

I hear this comment all the time from moms about their daughter's bra straps showing. Then they look down at the many decorative bra straps on display, and found on, and at first think they are looking at beautiful beaded necklaces, or in the case of my braided bra straps, awesome headbands. When I tell them they are decorative bra straps, I always get the same look...that, are your serious look?. After the concept sinks in (usually about 2 seconds) they all say "wow, that is the coolest thing ever", followed by, "why didn't I think of that". Brapples decorative bra straps are a great solution to the dilemma of two generations of women. The 30 to 40 year old generation who are trying hard to conceal or blend their bra straps with their tops, to those teens and 20 year olds who don't mind if they show their ugly tan, black, or contrasting bra strap as some sort of ill advised fashion statement. I personally always tried very hard to conceal my bra straps, and would buy many different color bras and shove them in a drawer hoping I could find the right color later. And there was nothing more dreadful than wearing that strapless bra when no other bra would work. Brapples decorative bra straps was an answer to my own issues with ugly bra straps showing, and from its ever growing popularity with customers, I'd say women of all ages felt the same.

Brapples braided straps come in wide variety of color combinations. This picture shows the orange/white/blue style. Braided bra straps are made of comfortable stretchy material with an additional length adjustment in the back. These are great for sports activity because they stay on your shoulders even better than normal bra straps. I wear them with tank tops and those colorful strappy style dresses and tops. This style is a great solution for moms who are tired of seeing their daughters bra straps and at just $8 each they are very affordable. Buy several colors and make it fun, like the way they decide to leave the house with two different color socks on their feet. I have even seen some girls hook the two ends together and wear them as a headband.

For woman in their late 20's, 30's to 50's, the beaded and rhinestone bra straps are perfect for accessorizing our outfits. We can buy those off the shoulder tops that are so popular now because there is cute shoulder jewelry available now to hold things in place. It really has become my favorite way to accessorize. They are functional and stylish, and with all my beaded and rhinestone bra straps, along with the braided and solid color bra straps I wear, I have been able to edit my bra drawer down to just comfortable nude color convertible bras. Before I had every ill-fitted color you can imagine. Never to be found again once stuffed in my drawer. The straps can be hung like necklaces, or just place them all in a easy to store decorative box on your dresser. Brapples has other unique accessories such as fabric belts, and faux fur scarf/hats that can be found in stores across the country. But even easier, find their store on-line at

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