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Friday, August 22, 2014

Gold Accessories are Back in Fashion, so why not gold bra straps?

Oval gold link bra straps by Brapples
Have you noticed lately the huge come back gold accessories are making this year? They are everywhere now in stores, taking over the decades of silver only mentality when it comes to accessorizing. I used to look down at my gold wedding band and engagement ring and think....well you can tell which decade I got married in. I suppose if you wait a bit everything comes back in vogue. Now if you were like many of my friends who sold all their gold in one of those "bring your gold and get money for it" parties that have been the rage for several years now, then I guess you start all over. Might I suggest some gold detachable bra straps shown here. Forget the necklace when wearing these. You will definitely get noticed.  But when you do want that touch of gold around your neck, the below sections are two of my favorite that I have worn all summer. Great length for layering and have adjustable chains in the back. So if you are like me and you hung on to your gold, then it is time to put it back on. If not, Brapples unique jewelry and bra straps has you covered.
White Star Fish necklace
Blue and Gold Necklace

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