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Monday, August 18, 2014

Patio Designed to Live In

My husband and I live in a fairly tiny 110 year old home. We use every inch of our space, and each room is lived in. There is no off limits...this is only for guest rooms in our home. I have busted into walls to add shelving nooks, and walled off space from bedrooms to make one more closet.  The thing about old homes is they definitely give off a vibe of history when you walk in; in fact mine was once an antique store called the Iron Horse Antiques. But they do not come with an abundance of closets or oversize bathrooms. So we live with a small carbon footprint which seems to be in vogue now. We are lucky that collectively my husband and I are experienced plumbers, wood workers, dry-wallers, floor layers, landscapers, seamstress, interior decorator and electrician. We don't need to call out for help very much which is a great thing when you purchase an old home. So recently we put more emphasis on our backyard so that it could be an extension of our home. We love it, and the whole space is under a canopy of a gigantic magnolia tree that we light at night.


I built this table out of cedar wood. The legs I believe were ordered off ebay. The chandelier is a massive size candle holder found at TJ Max that I stuffed with brown roped Christmas lights, hung with a chain and connected to the round tea lights within the trees. To the right I made a window box and simple shutters, all made from cedar. I lined the wood window box with 1/4 inch concrete board to make it even more water proof. The hardware is just accessory items from Hobby Lobby made to look like shutter dogs and door pulls. The privacy screen (seen closer below) is actually three iron garden trellis from Hobby Lobby ( I use to use two of them for trade shows, and I was lucky enough to find one more),. We added the old shutters in between to hide the metal structure my husband rigged up to hold them in place. And those are just candle holders that we screwed into the shutters. This whole structure is actually lifted from the ground about a foot to maximize height and to protect it from the elements of nature.

This is a close up of a bamboo love seat I found at a consignment shop for $75. I did however have to touch up the stain and reupholster the bottom cushions with left over fabric. The top cushions were beyond help so I purchased three outdoor pillows and made the two graphic pillows to coordinated the look with the other chairs. I save furniture like my sister-in-law saves pets. She probably gets more saintly points, but at least I am saving the planet and the landfill. That is what I tell my husband anyway.

Below is a close up of the window box. The project requires skill with a miter box and table saw. And a nail gun powered by an air compressor for me is a must.
    Here is an older picture that shows the maple tree that hangs over the patio lit up by bulb lights from Target. To the left is our garage which we recently had built with a room above for our two boys to have their own space. As they get older they seem to accumulate more smells and attitude, so a detached space from the house for them is a win-win for everyone.

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